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Howdy! My name is Tai. I'm Indian Canadian (South Indian), over 20 and use any/all or they/them. I'm a hobby artist but I aspire to become a full time one. Currently working on a webcomic called Llucid (horror comic). I love to draw fan art and original art. I like to experiment and my fave genres are fantasy, sci-fi, horror, surreal and slice of life! I'd like to expand my abilities from just drawing sometime...


What software do you use?I use Photoshop, currently though trying to transition to other software such as Clip Studio Paint and Procreate. I seriously recommend those over Photoshop because they're more catered to artists.
What brushes do you use?Across all software, I use default brushes lol!! there's like a few brushes I use that are custom. Some brushes I've made myself as well. For sketching/watercolour effect I've used Kyle T. Webster brushes (PS) and in Clip I look through the free asset store. My painting/rendering is always with default brushes. For things like textured/micro coil + braided hair I recommend Vegalia's Brushes. 99% chance I'm using these brushes if I'm drawing these type of hair!
Draw me somethingNah.
Can I commission you?Sorry, I'm not accepting commissions right now. I'm not mentally equipped to be able to at this moment. Maybe someday!
Can I use your art as my icon/background/video (personal use?)You need to contact me, and I will give you my blessing to do so. If I give permission, you must credit me in a visible spot on your profile.
May I repost your artwork on my account?No. If you're just making your own post with my art, that is not allowed. If you plan to do something (example: comic dub) again, this is something you need to contact me about first. Try supporting me by reblogging/retweeting my work instead.
May I use your art to represent my brand/album cover/merch/to sell?(commercial use?)No. Sorry, but my work is not a royalty free product. I forbid any commercial usage, this includes NFT/minting/blockchain/crypto usage. I will file a DMCA and meet with aggression if I catch this sort of behaviour. Please respect me and my work.
I saw your art on an NFT/merch/etc siteIf you see my art being sold, it was stolen. I'm only selling one thing and it's prints through INPRNT (which you can find in the "support me" section) anything that would be run by me, will be in the "support me" section. If it's not there, it was stolen. I'm never, ever going to partake in NFT/blockchain/crypto so if you see this, please let me know (and report it too).
Are you working on your comic (Llucid)? Are you continuing it?Yes, it is currently being worked on(As of September 2021).
How can I support you?The front page of this card that has a "support" button! I have a ko-fi (which offer a lot of wips and very soon, tutorials, PSD packs and custom brushes) and selling prints. I'm planning in the future to branch out to more variety of merch as well. Support will mean a lot.

Terms of Service

Last Update: December 2021
[Currently not accepting commissions]
Permissions: Any artwork drawn by me, for other parties (via Artfight, gift art, art trades, DTIYS, mutual requests) cannot be repurposed or used for profit. NFT, blockchain, crypto, minting and the like is strictly forbidden for all of my works. For personal usage (such as a profile picture) I need to be credited somewhere on the public profile. Any other usage (such as a video thumbnail or comic dub) I need to be contacted for permission.

Thank you.

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